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The team at Sage Elite Healing are engaging, experienced and dedicated to helping all those seeking their path of growth in the Mental – Emotional – Physical – Spiritual realms of healing. As we transition through the stages of life, we experience highs and lows within all four of these realms at the same exact time.  Sage Elite Healing walks the path with every member and engages in cultivating your daily process.  Sage Elite develops a trusting, respectful relationship and work together with our members to facilitate learning, develop their healing forest, and maintain long term growth.

Sage Elite Healing Mission and Vision – Our Purpose is Wellness for the Sage Elite Team and every Sage Elite member.  We aim to awaken the potential within every member to cultivate, adhere, and maintain their lives.  Sage Elite Healing believes in open/honest, culturally appropriate, ethical treatment for every member to generate long-term member success.  

Sage Elite Healing Promise – Sage Elite Healing values member privacy, member cultures, member individual goals and confidentiality in all programs. Through honesty and genuineness, we begin to evolve together and develop the healing space each individual member needs. 

How Does Sage Elite Healing follow-through with their Mission and Vision?
  • Clinical and Athletic experienced company creates a unique approach to build strong therapeutic programming and outcomes
  • Programming geared specifically for member enrichment, stability and success
  • Holistic, Clinical, and Experience driven facilitators
  • Inclusivity and privacy is maintained through private individual and group sessions
  • Streamlined communication between resources and referral sources
  • Develop stronger case files for continuity of care
  • Clinical Data Collection
  • Thorough, Detailed Member Assessments throughout programming
  • Routine Quality Assurance assessed at all levels of programming 
  • Dedicated to longterm member success w/ daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly support
  • Player-first approach w/person-centered psycho-education approaches
About SEH

Our Purpose is Your Wellness

Strengthening and cultivating the relationship between the Four Realms of Healing reinvigorates the human soul. Finding our true purpose lies within the strength of our wellness in challenging the spiritual malady of the human soul. Together, Sage Elite Healing and SEH members build adaptability to the changing world..  

About SEH

Sage Elite Healing Programming

Through Sage Elite Healing’s unique programming, members develop their daily method alongside a licensed Therapist, physical trainer, and utilize Sage Elite Healing’s healing modalities for your growth.  

Harnessing the Drive of Our Athletic Mind

There is enormous depth to the human mind that can be harnessed to build effective coping skills to increase one’s quality of life. Switching the mind from outcomes-based to effort-driven is the key. Geared towards a strengths-based  and solutions-focused approach, Sage Elite generates life long meaning through action. Sage Elite members learn the benefit of cognitive restructuring while utilizing the athletic mind and body for balance and growth.  

Your Path is Our Path

We are all connected through our struggles and experiences in struggling through life’s hardships. Sage Elite Healing members endure unique traumas and experiences that impact the treatment path.  What works for one, doesn’t work for all and our programming refuses to be limited in that scope.  Sage Elite Healing meets the needs of every individual member through individualized treatment plans developed with the member. 

About SEH

Locating, Connecting and Adhering to Our Source

The focus of Sage Elite Healing is to strengthen all members’ connection and understanding of positive healing sources. Sage Elite offers Meditations, Sound Healings, Clinical Breathwork, Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), Yoga, and other natural approaches to help build stronger relationships between members’ and their sense of Self, peace, and internal energy. 

Knowledge and Data are Powerful Healing Components

We are dedicated through building resiliency and empowerment through psycho-education on effective coping skills. Through detailed assessments, Sage Elite Healing’s programming helps minimize the debilitating symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Post-Concussional Syndrome,  CTE symptoms, and Chronic Pain Syndrome.  

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