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Introducing Ahead of the Game

Sage Elite Healing's Health and Wellness podcast.

Welcome to Ahead of the Game, Sage Elite Healing’s Health and Wellness podcast, hosted by Mark Van Steenberg, Brandon Bostick and Zach Moore. Every week we gather together to discuss the Four Realms of Healing: Physical, Mentally, Spiritual and Emotional. Each episode a guest shares with us their own healing journey as well as their daily practices in each of the Four Realms to help them stay "ahead of the game". Our list of guests includes current and former professional athletes, educators, health practitioners, therapists, business professionals and many more. New episodes release every week on Tuesday. Make Ahead of the Game a part of your routine and check out our latest episodes.

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Sports Neurologist Adel sits down with UCLA Sports Neuropsychologist Dr. Doug Polster and former NFL Tight End Brandon Bostick to discuss the play that led to Brandon’s mental health decline.

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